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Meet Your Coach!

My fitness journey started with wanting to feel stronger and live a healthier lifestyle. Through my own experience, I learned that working out has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life from building my confidence to also proving to myself that there are no limitations to what I can do. My goal as a Certified Personal Trainer is to help you achieve your goals by creating a custom workout plan to fit your goals and influence you to make more mindful decisions, work around your schedule, and most importantly, have fun!


Real Experiences, Stunning Results

"Training 3x a week and still getting crazy results like that is so rewarding! I've grown to really love going to the gym which your guidance only made stronger!"

Christina R.

"Kenzie puts so much time and energy into making sure you succeed in your goals! She built a schedule custom for me that I could fit into my everyday life! She checks in with me throughout the week to make sure everything is going well and my goals are being met! I would highly recommend everyone sign up for her program!"

Sarah H.

"I feel more confident and comfortable going to the gym and have taught my body to truly enjoy nutritious, protein rich foods. Giving all my effort so that I could match Kenzie's effort to coach me, I was able to lift stronger and condition my body to withstand longer periods of physical activity."

Catherine S.


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